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Live Bethlehem Christmas Pageant 2016, Rose Garden
          December 10 - 11, 2016

38th Annual Live Bethlehem Christmas Pageant - 2016
Rose Garden, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Band Shell, just off 8th Ave., Bethlehem
Time: 1:45 pm. -- FREE, Saturday and Sunday

    The 2016 Live Bethlehem Christmas Pageant will be the 38th annual presentation for the Lehigh Valley Community, It Christmas Pageant will be preformed at the Bethlehem Rose Garden Band Shell on 8th Avenue in Bethlehem, PA.

    The Christmas Pageant is a costumed re-enactment of the historical events surrounding the birth of Christ. Joseph accompanies the Virgin Mary, who is riding a donkey to the stable where Christ is born and placed in a manger. The Angels appear and summon the shepherds who come with their offerings of sheep and various other animals. The Wise Men and camels, with an escort of Soldiers on horseback, arrive to receive the words of Herod and the High Priests. They go to the stable where the Holy Family and the animals await under the watchful care of the Angels. Singers and a narrator tell the beautiful story as the Pageant unfolds.

    The Pageant is FREE and starts at approximately 1:45 pm. It is outdoors so dress according. There is limited seating and the Pageant is presented regardless of the weather conditions.

YouTube - Christmas Tree and Nativity Scene in Bethlehem PA.

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