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Alliance Architecture LLC
    111 South Spruce St., Nazareth PA. - (610) 746-2310
This Lehigh Valley company does architecture, interior design and planning. These architects work in the healthcare, hospitality, commercial, residential and corporate areas of architecture planning and design.

Fedetz & Martin Associates PC
    1837 Roth Ave. Allentown, PA. - (610) 432-9924
These architects work on interior planning and design. ADA surveys and designs. Members of the American Institute of Architects. Serving the architecture needs of the Lehigh Valley region and surrounding area.

Howard Kulp Architects PC
Planners & Interior Design
Member of the American Institute of Architects
1501 Lehigh Parkway North Allentown, PA.
Serving the Lehigh Valley region
610 434-6200

Architect Tips
Choosing an Architect
• Choose an architect that has experience.

• Make sure your architect addresses lighting, sound, heating, cooling, and parking issues when designing your project.

• Make sure that the architect investigates local planning requirements. Different geographic areas have different requirements, so it is important that your architect takes the time to become familiar with requirements that could affect your project.

• Make sure your architect investigates and resolves issues of traffic flow, turning lanes, utility hook-up, and any other issues with neighborhood impact. Access to the property (driveways) must meet local ordinances.

• Do not incur architectural costs until you have determined your borrowing capacity. This will prevent you from spending money on architectural plans that you may not be able to use.

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