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    Arts and crafts cover many activities and hobbies that are related to making things with your own hands and limited only by your skill and talent and the proper art supplies to complement your skills. There are many different crafts you can create with paper or canvas. Some popular crafts are collage, decoupage, origami, paper-mache and quilling to just to mention a few.

Collage is an artful presentation of materials or objects pasted on a surface and unified with lines and color. Decoupage is an art technique of decorating some surface with paper cutouts. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing flowers and birds. Paper mache art is created by taking pieces of paper and sticking the pieces together using a wet paste , glue, starch, or wallpaper adhesive. Quilling is an art form that where strips of paper are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create a decorative design. All of these art techniques require the proper supplies.

There are many types of paints for canvas including oils, acrylics, watercolors, and pastels. Traditional oil painting generally begins with the artist sketching a figure on canvas with charcoal. The artist creates his figure on canvas in layers. The basic rule of oil paint application is that each additional layer of paint should contain more oil than the layer below it in order to proper dry.

The Baum School Of Art
Instruction for Young People & Adults
Drawing • Ceramics • Painting
Sculpture • Photography • Graphic Design
510 Linden St., Allentown PA.
Call: (610) 433-0032

Art - Drawing Tips Pastel and Charcoal Art Drawing

Pastel Removal:
On some papers, a stiff hogshair brush can be used to erase pastel without flattening the tooth of the paper.

The Brush Off:
Use a soft squirrel-hair mop brush to dust off stray particles from your drawing. For pastel and charcoal dust around your work area, those static-electricity disposable dusters are perfect.

Keep it Clean:
Inexpensive cotton gloves (the kind you can get at the supermarket or a photography store) with the fingertips cut out are just the thing for keeping paper clean and free of fingerprints, especially in hot weather.

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