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Tanczos Beverages Inc. - (610) 866-8039
2330 Jacksonville Rd., Bethlehem, PA.
Domestic and Imported Beers, Taps and Kegs --- Mon.-Sat. 8am. - 9pm.
Coors, Miller, Budweiser, Keystone, Yuengling, Rolling Rock, Samuel Adams, Corona

Beerco - (610)797-7321
2931 Lehigh Street, Allentown PA.

Dorneyville Beverage - (610) 841-3888
3245 Hamilton Blvd. in South Whitehall PA.

Fritz's Hokey Beverage - (610) 264-9401
3144 Front Street, Whitehall PA.

Easton Beverage Co. - (610) 258-7963
2 Maplecroft Ave, Palmer Township PA.

Bulldog Beverage - (610) 797-1270
1648 E. Emmaus Ave., Emmaus, PA.
Serving the Lehigh Valley for more than 60 Years.

Emmaus Beverages - (610) 965-2843
319 Main St., Emmaus, PA.
Domestic and Imported Beers, Taps and Kegs, Open Holidays.

Beer Tips
Pouring Beer from a Tap
When pouring a beer from a tap, open the faucet all the way in a quick, smooth motion by grasping the tap handle AT ITS BASE. Pulling the tap handle at the top opens the faucet too slowly, and beer will draw foamy. At the beginning of the pour, tilt the glass slightly and don't let the glass touch the beer faucet. Then straighten the glass as you pour, and top it with a collar of 1/2 inch to 1 inch of foam an you have one great beverage.

Beer freshness
Beer improves with age in the lagering tanks, but not after it's in the package. The fresher your beer is when served, the better your guests will like this beverage.

State Liquor Stores

2289 Schoenersville Road, Bethlehem, PA. 18017
844 Stefko Boulevard, Bethlehem, PA. 18017

Beer News
Super Bowl XLIV Beer Deliveries
    Several local Lehigh Valley beer distributors plan to save the day for you thirsty Super Bowl football fans. Run out of beer during the big game! Not to worry because these beer distributors will deliver to your home.

    Beerco: 2931 Lehigh Street, Allentown 610.797.7321
    Dorneyville Beverage: 3245 Hamilton Blvd. in South Whitehall 610.841.3888
    Fritz's Hokey Beverage: 3144 Front Street, Whitehall 610.264.9401
    Easton Beverage Co: 2 Maplecroft Ave, Palmer Township 610.258.7963

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