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    Lehigh Valley Bowling Centers & Lanes

Allentown Boulevard Bowling Lanes at the Pig Pen
702 Union Blvd., Allentown, PA.
(610) 435-7451

Mountainville Bowling Center
Mountainville Shopping Center, Allentown, PA.
(610) 797-4377

Hampton Lanes & the Hammerhead Lounge
326 Main Street, Northampton, PA.
Entertainment fun for the whole family from bumper bowling
and birthday parties to live entertainment
(610) 262-6713

Town and Country Bowling Lanes
1770 Stefko Boulevard, Bethlehem, PA.
(610) 867-0586

Bowling Tips and Information
    Bowling is one of America’s favorite pastimes and can be enjoyed by just about everyone. What bowler doesn't need a few tips to help raise his or her bowling average, bowl more strikes and pick up those spares. How about a few basic tips for you beginning bowlers or season bowlers that might just help you increase your score.

    First get comfortable when you "address" (stance & starting position) the bowling alley. Next comes your delivery and how many steps you take in your "approach" on the alley. Everyone is different so experiment with the number of steps that feel good to you. Bowlers use a three-step, four-step and even five-step delivery on the lane. Finding the delivery that feels comfortable is very important for beginners. You may need to make adjustments for your stride length in your approach to the foul line.

    The actual release of your ball is the next important action in your "delivery". A proper release is very important to the overall shot and determines where your ball lands and how it will roll dow the alley. Right-handed bowlers release the ball as it passes your left foot. This gives you a better vision of the alley and a good aim at your "spot" (target on the lane). Like most things in sports; practice and determination is the only way to master your bowling ball release.

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