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Lehigh Valley Cigar Shops
Allentown and Bethlehem Cigar stores
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Tobacco and Cigar Connoisseurs Shop
    4260 W Tilghman Street
    Allentown, PA. 18104
    (610) 530-7445

Cigars International
    Bethlehem cigar store
    535 Main Street
    Bethlehem, PA. 18018
    (610) 866-1729

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    What is a humidor? A humidor can be a container such as a box or even an entire room with a constant humidity and regulated temperature that is used to store cigars, cigarettes, and pipe tobacco. Individuals often have a small wooden or acrylic glass humidor box for storage of their cigars. Cigar shops may have walk-in humidors that may even be as large as a room or an entire floor. The ideal humidity in a humidor is around 65-75% of relative humidity. Remember, the more empty space in an area, the more readily the humidity will drop in that area. Humidor cases are typically made of wood with an interior veneer of Spanish cedar or mahogany.

    Types of Cigars: One of the most common ways to categorize cigars is by their shape and size. Names for cigars are usually associated with the cigar size. Most cigars are cylinder shaped or parejo. Some cigars with an irregular shape are figurado. Some of the more familiar cigars are the Corona, Lonsdale, Presidente, Robusto, Panatela, Churchill, Toro and Torpedo.

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