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Dynamic Detailing Plus Powerwash
    Deck Cleaning & Sealing
    Allentown, PA.
    (610) 791-4040

Deck Care
    Pressure Washing & Sealing
    Staining • Sanding • Stripping
    Repairs • Complete Restoration
    Tool Free - (877) 658-5050

Deck Maintenance / Deck Care Tips

Wooden Decks require proper ventilation
            to prevent moisture buildup:

    Standing water can lead to premature wood damage. Gaps between deck boards must be free from dirt, debris and twigs to allow water to drain freely. Air needs to flow in, and around, your wooden deck to prevent moisture buildup. If your deck is over 24" high, make sure air can enter from the sides of your deck. Gaps between the boards can be opened, and vents can be installed to solve moisture problems.

    You need to apply a good wood deck stain, sealer, finish or paint only after you have given your wood deck a good cleaning. A regular deck maintenance program will protect your wooden patio deck from the weather during all seasons. If you are building your own wooden deck be sure to purchase quality deck materials whether it is cedar, redwood, or some other wooden decking material. Pressure treated wood is a great choice because of the chemical preservatives in the wood. The preservatives help protect the wood from attack by termites and fungal decay.

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