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Lehigh Valley Auto Glass / Plate and Window Glass

Safelite Auto Glass - (610) 791-4137
    Allentown, PA.
Safelite Auto Glass services the Lehigh Valley with replacements of auto glass as well as rock, chip and crack repair.

Mike's Auto Glass - (610) 867-5025
    310 Broadhead Ave. Bethlehem, PA.
It is their 74th year serving the Lehigh Valley. Certified technicians work on foreign and american cars. They offer same day service in most cases. They can fix that stone chip repair on your car.

Northampton Glass Works - (610) 252-2002
    650 Northampton St. Easton PA.
Locally owned and operated fully insured glass business serving the Lehigh Valley. They do custom windows, store front repair, insulated glass units, window and screens, auto glass and chip repair.

Auto Glass Tips
What is a Rock Chip or Ding?
    A rock chip occurs when a rock (or other object) hits your windshield and breaks the first layer, the outer layer. What you see in a rock chip is an air pocket. What can be done to repair the rock chip is to inject an ultraviolet light (UV) resign into the air pocket which then hardens as hard as glass. This prevents the windshield from breaking 99.99% of the time.

Why should the little chip be repaired?
    The chip should be repaired, because it may eventually break. Most rock chips break when it is cold outside and you turn on your heater or, when it is hot outside and you wash your car with cold water. A fast temperature change on your windshield will break your glass. Insurance companies should pay for the rock chip repair if you have comprehensive insurance.

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