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Lehigh Valley Gymnastics Training

Parkette National Gymnastics Center
    America's #1 Gymnastics Program
    All Ages • Boys and Girls • Age One through Olympian
    Cheerleading • Tumbling • Air Condition Facility
    401 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Allentown PA.
    Call: (610) 433-0011

Gymnastics Tips
Warm Up
Warm up the muscles before working out to increase overall circulation. The warm up should contain an aerobic activity, like jogging around the gym or warm up through aerobics, which will also help your coordination.

Stretching flexibility exercises are necessary to increase flexibility and decrease the possibility of strain or injury. The stretching flexibility routine should incorporate head to toe stretches. Make sure the entire body is stretched, including neck and arms. For any kind of tumbling routines, plenty of stretching flexibility exercises should be done to prevent the possibility of injury. The largest muscles should be stretched first, with slow, steady stretches.

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