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Lehigh Valley Zumba
    Classes for fitness and fun

FitQuest Fitness - (610) 266-7811
    1665 E. Race Street, Allentown, PA.
Zumba is free with their FitQuest Fitness membership or you can drop in for $6 at the door. You can call FitQuest Fitness for more information and class days and instruction.

Zumba at Cedar Crest College
    100 College Drive, Allentown, PA.
You have plenty of room to move and workout and the parking facilities are great. Visit the website at www.zumbashawn.com for information on prices, convenient location, easy registration, class plans, and casual environment.

    Zumba, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the program, is a Latin dance inspired fitness program that was created by dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez in Colombia in the 1990s. Zumba exercises include dance music with aerobic exercises. The music rhythms coupled with resistance training results in a good fitness program that is also fun to do.

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