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Lehigh Valley auto tags and title transfers

Heydt's Notary & Auto Tags
"Low Cost Auto • Home • Renters Insurance"
• Temporary Tags • Title Transfers • Messenger Service
• License & Registration Renewals • Duplicate Titles & Registration
• Motorcycle Registration • New Resident License Plates and Registrations
704 West Emmaus Ave. Allentown, PA.

serving the Lehigh Valley area

Nonnemaker Agency
"24 hr. Registration Turnaround"
Mon. Tue. Wed. 9am.-6pm.
Thur. 9-7, Fri. 9-5, Sat. 10-1
1530 West Broad Street, Bethlehem, PA.

notary services for Lehigh Valley residents

Snyder Insurance Agency
"Bethlehem's "Tag" Specialist"
• Temp Tags • Titles • Transfers • Learners Permits •
• Operators License • Plates and More
2709 Easton Ave. Bethlehem, PA.
notary public for Lehigh Valley residents
610 861-0422

Quakertown Tag & Notary
PennDOT Approved On-Line Messenger Service
570 South West End Boulevard
Quakertown PA.
215 536-6882

Notary Tips
What is a notary public?
A notary is a public official appointed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth for a term of four years. A notary has the power to perform six basic duties: execute acknowledgments, take affidavits, make certificates, take oaths, take depositions and execute protests.

Who can become a notary?
Anyone can apply to be a notary public, but in order to be appointed, you must meet certain requirements. The requirements include: • Be 18 years of age or older
• Reside in Pennsylvania for one year preceding appointment
• Be registered to vote (Exceptions to this requirement can be granted for religious reasons or resident alien status)
• Be of good moral character

Why do we need notaries?
A notary's stamp and seal give authenticity to documents submitted into public record. Although notarization does not make a document legal, a document with a notary's seals and signature is accepted without question. Therefore, any major trade or commercial transaction (purchasing a motor vehicle, selling a house,etc.) needs to be notarized. Notaries also make certified copies of documents.

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