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    Lehigh Valley Optometry - Eye Surgery

Bethlehem Eye Care Associates
    "Primary Family Eye Care"
    Including Pediatric and Geriatric Care
Contact Lens Specialists • Refractive Laser Surgery Consultant
Board Certified Treatment of Ocular Disease
    547 Main Street Bethlehem, PA.
    (610) 866-5815

Easton Optical Co.
    "The Eyeware Professionals"
    Complete Optical service, Eye Examinations available
    2800 Nazareth Road, Easton, PA.
    (610) 253-0351

Allentown Vision Center PC
    939 E. Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA.
    (610) 434-1000

Neil S. Boderman
    Primary Eye Care, Contact Lenses
    Laser Correction Consultant
    3131 College Heights Blvd, Allentown, PA.
    (610) 435-9888

Shepherd Hills Eye Care Center
    5940 Hamilton Blvd, Wescosville, PA.
    Eye Examinations for Adults and Children
    New Patients Welcome
    (888) 857-4002

Optometrist Eye Tips

Do YOU need to have your eyes examined?
Simple answer? Probably, but it depends on your age and the health of your eyes. For a healthy person with no diagnosed visual problems, optometrists recommend an examination every year or two.

Babies should have their first examination around the age of six months. Your optometrist will be testing your child’s ability to focus and see clearly at all distances, depth perception, colour vision, astigmatism and any eye muscle problems and more. Assuming no problems, the next exam should take place around the age of three, then once more just before starting school. Older, school-aged children should be examined annually.

If you think your child might be having vision problems, some of the signs to look for include:
• squinting
• sitting close to television
• he or she avoids reading or looking at picture books
• covering one eye when looking at something up close
• complains about headaches, especially after school and these problems disappear on weekends.

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