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Is senior care transportation provided for seniors to and from a senior center? Is transportation also provided to and from medical appointments?

Are Senior Center health and rehabilitation programs staffed with an onsite registered nurse? Do the centers provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy programs? Does the staff help senior members maintain healthy living and do they promote general wellness?

Are the meals served to seniors delicious, nutritional and appetizing? Does the senior center cater to special dietary needs, and is the menu in compliance with nutritional guidelines?

Does the center provide fun and enjoyable activities for the senior members? Are ample opportunities provided by the center for members to socialize and participate in exciting events? Are any of the following activities provided to the seniors: games, parties, puzzles, crafts, music, exercise programs and daytrips?

Are members given guidance in utilizing social service and financial assistance agencies, counseling, and caregiver support groups?

Are there additional personal care services available like a beautician at the senior center?

Are there any special programs for those with memory deficiencies and other forms of dementia?

How is the security at the senior center?

Is assistance available to seniors for things such as errands, medication reminders, light housekeeping, laundry, assistance with grooming and dressing, safety monitoring, transportation to Doctor's office and other service providers.

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