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Green Shadow Tree Service
• Removal • Pruning • Trimming
• Feeding • Stump Removal
Bethlehem - 610 867-4001
Hellertown - 610 838-1908

Nicks Custom Tree Service
"Fully Licensed and Insured"
Commercial & Residential
• Tree & Shrub Pruning • Shaping
Specializing in Stump Removal
610- 866-5495

Tree Tips
When is the best time to prune trees?
The old arborist saying goes, "the best time to prune is when the pruners are sharp." Meaning that trees can be pruned at any time. This is still true for most trees, although there are some points to consider and some limited exceptions to the rule.

Many people say, "Prune trees in fall or winter". Is this true?
Pruning trees does not have to be limited to fall or winter. Granted, fall and winter are good times to prune as the tree is dormant.

Points to consider when deciding when to prune your trees:
• Spring flowering trees can be pruned as soon as the leaves turn dark green and harden to avoid cutting off any of the following year’s flower buds.

• Summer flowering trees can be pruned before new growth begins in early spring to avoid cutting off any of the current year’s flower buds.

• Palms are often pruned in the spring so that flower stalks can be removed before they produce messy fruit.

• Birches, dogwoods, elms, hackberries, magnolias, maples, poplars, walnuts, willows, and a few other trees are known as "bleeders". When these species of trees are pruned in late winter or early spring, the wounds may bleed. This flow of sap is more unsightly than damaging to the tree. In fact, sap at this time of year is roughly 98% water and 2 % sugar, so little energy is lost through a bleeding wound. The sap flow will taper-off and cease as the new leaves turn dark green and harden. Pruning these trees could be delayed until the leaves turn dark green and harden if you have aesthetic concerns.

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