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Lehigh Valley Water / Bottled Water

"The Water Guy"
    100% Natural Spring Water
    Area's Favorite American Family-Owned Spring Water Co.
    Live Customer Service... We Answer Our Phones!
    (610) 478-0300   •   (800) 924-6841

Blue Rock Mountain Spring Water
    "Our Spring Runs Right To Your Door"
    Water Coolers for Home or Office
    Serving the Entire Lehigh Valley Since 1941
    549 Sumner Court, Allentown, PA
    (610) 432-2790

Hydration Tips
Your daily water routine. Start the day with a glass when you get up, then have at least one more with each meal. Don't forget to have some before you go to bed.

Take water breaks. Mid-afternoon is prime time to break for a bottle of refreshing water, as is before, during and after any kind of exercise.

Pair your caffeinated beverages with a glass of water. Since caffeine acts as a diuretic and actually dehydrates you, fight back by re-hydrating immediately with a glass of water.

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